Tag: Aspasia


  • Aspasia

    A very small town on the outskirts of the [[Amunet Forest | Amunet Forest]]. It houses a few families, but everyone knows everyone in Aspasia. There is not a lot to do, but there is a general goods shop ran by [[:alan-page | Alan Page]], a good sized inn …

  • Nathaniel Markain

    Son of the local hunter in [[Aspasia | Aspasia]], Nathaniel is an apprentice hunter. He often goes on hunting trips with his father in the early mornings, learning to hunt game and sometimes small monsters. When he is not training with his father he is …

  • Mimi

    [[:nathaniel | Nathaniel]]'s pony. Often has a flower crown, courtesy of [[:areli | Areli]]. Very protective of Nathaniel and Areli, even though Nathaniel is not experienced enough to control her.

  • Jim Markain

    Husband to Loralie, father to [[:nathaniel | Nathaniel ]], Jim is the best hunter in the small town of [[Aspasia | Aspasia]]. He taught his son to be a hunter like him, and provides an array of meats to the towns that he sells to the pub and general store

  • Loralie Markain

    Mother to [[:nathaniel | Nathaniel Markain]] and wife to [[:jim-markain | Jim Markain]], Loralie also plays a big part in the town as the only physical and divine healer. She is proficient at healing humanoids and animals and even some vermin (due to her …

  • Sir Jeoffry

    The head of the church in [[Aspasia | Aspasia]]. When he is not holding a service Jeoffry spends most of the time attending to the graves in the cemetery and praying over the souls to keep them at peace. Is able to make a map of the forest for the …

  • Brother Phillip

    A young excited man who wants to do as much to help people as he can. He will give the quest of hunting goblins for gold, he can also tell the travelers about the