The First Being in Nirveli


HP: 54
AC: 16
Initiative: +4

Languages: Common, Aquan, Celestial, Dwarven, Elven

Perception: +8
Sense Motive: +5

Strength: 12

Dexterity: 18
Mod: +4

Constitution: 12
Mod: +1

Intelligence: 11
Mod: 0

Wisdom: 12
Mod: +1

Charisma: 18
Mod: +4

Fortitude: +5
Reflex: +8
Will: +5

Base Attack Bonus: +5
Melee Attack Bonus: +6
Ranged Attack Bonus: +9
+2 on attack rolls against abberations

CMB: +6
CMD: 22

Unarmed attack: Attack Bonus= + 6 Damage= 1D3+1 Critical= 20/x2

Longbow (+ 2): 2 handed piercing damage Critical= 20/x3
@30ft. Attack Bonus + 12 Damage 1D8+3
@100ft Attack Bonus + 11 Damage 1D8+2
@200ft Attack Bonus + 9 Damage 1D8+2
@300ft Attack Bonus + 7 Damage 1D8+2
@400ft Attack Bonus + 5 Damage 1D8+2

0 Level- Create Water, Light, Resistance, Stabilize, Vigor
1 Level- Burning Disarm, Cure Light Wounds, Summon Monster 1, Touch of the Sea
1/Day- Hydraulic Push

Special Abilities:
Favored Enemy- Aberration
Darkvision 60ft
Cold Resistance 10
Favored Terrain Water
Fluid Travel (Walk on liquid)
Hydraulic Push 1/day
Water Affinity
Water Sight
Waves Mysteries
Wild Empathy

Echoing Spell
Point Blank Shot
Rapid Shot


Visola was the first sentient being to appear in Nirveli. She was created by Gozreh to tell the people that enter the plane of Gozreh’s mercy and power. The only thing Visola knows for certain is that she owes her life to Gozrah and truly believes that Gozreh is the greatest Goddess. She is used a mouthpiece of Gozrah and is considered to be the leader of the village inside of the __________________ forest, ______________.

She is a kind hearted woman who sends out rescue parties into the _______________ forest to recover the people who appear there. Visola knows of the other planes and has come to realize that the peopled appearing in the forest are form another plane called Artania.

Whenever she gets flustered or panicked she starts speaking in celestial and cannot speak anything else until she calms down.

Visola is often found in the forest by the ___________ lake.


The Sea Goddess' Vanity G_G